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At, we are dedicated to empowering beginners in the world of archery and hunting. Our mission is to provide comprehensive guides, expert advice, and a supportive community to help you master the art of bowhunting. With our handpicked selection of beginner-friendly compound bows and a wealth of resources, we aim to transform novice enthusiasts into confident and skilled archers.

What we offer

Product Review and ranking

We Offer detailed and unbiased reviews of various bows suitable for beginners. Provide in-depth information about the features, specifications, pros, and cons of each bow. We Include personal insights and recommendations.

Guides and Advanced Tutorial

We Create informative guides and tutorials that cater specifically to beginners in the world of archery and hunting. Cover topics such as bow selection, proper shooting techniques, safety guidelines, maintenance tips.

Proven Tips and Strategies

Discover a wealth of proven tips and strategies shared by seasoned hunters. Learn about scouting, tracking, camouflage, calling techniques, and more. Our collection of tried-and-true tactics will give you the competitive edge needed to outsmart your prey.

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Introducing Tim G Kenny – Your Guide

Welcome to Bow To Hunt! I am Tim, a 37 years old archer, with almost 15 years of archery experience. I manage this platform to provide my hard earned knowledge to the archery community. With my roots tracing back to learning the art of archery from my granddad, I’ve dedicated years to perfecting my skills. Here I will help the beginner archers to start their archery journey with the right guidance to make them start hitting the target with consistency. Join me in aiming for greatness, one arrow at a time.

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With our expert guidance and recommendations we will help you find the best bow for you. 

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