how to hang a compound bow

How to Hang a Compound Bow: Tips, Hooks, and Hanging Spots

As I carefully examined my new compound bow, a wave of uncertainty washed over me. I wondered, ‘How should I hang this in a way that’s both safe and elegant?’ Back in the day, there wasn’t much information on the internet, so I began experimenting.

My initial attempts were far from perfect. The bow teetered on the edge of instability during my first try, and I once hung it in a location with extreme temperature swings, worrying about its safety.

Then I finally found that the most effective and safe way to hang a bow on the wall is by placing the bow horizontally upside down with limb pockets placed on the hooks and bowstring facing the ground.

There are other spots for hanging the bow as well, like by the cams and riser. We will see the many styles of different hangers that might take your attention.

Steps to Hang a Compound Bow

Okay first get your bow ready by cleaning it, then bring your hook and drilling machine to get started.

Step 1: Choose the Hanging Location

You need to find a suitable location for your compound bow. Look for a place that’s safe, easily accessible, and won’t expose your bow to extreme temperatures or humidity. The spot shouldn’t have direct sunlight or moisture.

Also, there should be nothing there that can hit the bow and cause it damage. I hang my bows on the bow rack in my room.

Step 2: Attach the Hook

You’ll need a special hook or hanger designed for bows, which can be found at sporting goods stores. Using a screwdriver or drill, securely attach the hook to the chosen location.

From my experience, one thing to note is to pick a spot that is at a reasonable height for your bow to hang vertically. This will allow you to hang from different spots and also look nice.

If you plan to hang the bow horizontally, then attach two hooks to the wall, with equal distance in between. This distance can be equivalent to two similar holes on the riser or between both limb pockets.

Step 3: Hang the Bow Securely

Now, it’s time to hang your bow. There can be certain locations by which we can easily hang the bow like the riser, cam, limbs, etc.

Let’s discuss how can we hang the bow from its different parts. In such situations, you need a reliable way to hang your compound bow that ensures both safety and accessibility.

From my own experiences, I’ve found that hanging the bow by its limbs is the most secure method. It not only keeps the bow within arm’s reach but also minimizes the risk of damage to sensitive components like the bowstring, cables, and cams.

Can I Hang The Bow By The Limbs?

ways to hang a compound bow by limbs

In my opinion, hanging the bow by the limbs is the best way to store it because the limbs are the flexible parts of the bow that curve when you draw the string, and they are designed to support the bow’s weight.

Hanging it by the limbs ensures that there’s no strain on the more delicate components like the bowstring, cables, and cams.

If you want to hang your bow vertically then just place your bow in one hanger by its limb and you’re done. For horizontal holding, place the bow on the two hooks by the limb pockets so that the string is facing the ground.

Can I Hang The Bow By The Riser?

ways to hang the bow by the riser

The riser is also a good place to hang your bow. One way is to find the spaces in the riser that can easily be hung. These should be two similar holes from top and end. Then place the bow horizontally by sliding and securing the hooks in these holes.

Another method to hang by riser can be directly placing the both most inner parts of the riser on the hooks. Usually, with a lot of accessories, this is not possible.

Some people use two hooks very close to each other and place the center of the riser on them. I do not personally recommend this because the bow has less balance. This instability causes a risk of the bow falling if someone touches it.

You can hang the bow vertically by securing the hook in one of the upper holes of the riser.

Can I Hang The Bow By The Cams?

ways to hang the bow by the cam

This is yet another way to hang the bow, but some people argue it is bad for cams. I don’t use this method but realistically cams are strong and would easily hold the bow’s weight if you don’t use the holes in the cam.

To hang the bow by the cams, simply place the entire cam on the hook so it is secured. I won’t recommend using the holes in the cams because they are small and would offer an unsafe force on the cam. Speaking of which, the holes are mostly small, and not all hangers would fit them.

Can I Hang The Bow By The Bowstring?

how to hang the compound bow by the bowstring or cables

Ah yes, the most arguable question on the topic. There has been a lot of debate on this but my point is whether or not it hurts the bowstring, why not just use other better methods?

For this method, fix two hangers in the center of the wall and place the cables on them making sure the bow remains stable. Don’t hang the bowstring on the hook, it can draw the bow a little which might cause expansion of the string over a long time. And you will have to replace the old worn-off or extended string.

I found a debate on the topic for you.

Types of Hangers To Use

When it comes to selecting the right hanger for your compound bow, it’s crucial to consider your specific setup and the intended scenario. Drawing from my firsthand experience, I can offer insights into which types of hangers work best in different situations, along with their pros and cons:

images of the different types of bow hangers

Bike Hooks

These versatile hooks are readily available at hardware stores and can be used to hang your compound bow, similar to how you hang a bicycle. They are a cost-effective option and work well for most bow setups. However, they may not be the most aesthetically pleasing choice.

Guitar Hangers

If you’re looking for a stylish and space-saving option, guitar hangers can double as bow hangers. They securely hold your bow while displaying it on the wall. This choice is excellent for showcasing your bow as a piece of art.

Picture Hangers with Angled Nails

Simple hangers with angled nails are suitable for lightweight compound bows. They are easy to install and can be found in most hardware stores. However, they may not provide the same level of security for heavier bows.

Archery Wall Mounts and Racks

Specifically designed for bows, these wall mounts and racks offer a secure and organized storage solution for your compound bow and arrows. They are an excellent choice if you have multiple bows and want a dedicated storage area.

Bow Hunting Hooks, Swing Arms, Bow Holders

If you’re an avid bow hunter, specialized hooks and holders tailored to your needs can be a game-changer. They provide quick and easy access to your bow while hunting, ensuring you’re always ready for the shot.

Double Bow Hangers for Ceiling Joists

When you have limited wall space or prefer ceiling storage, double bow hangers designed for mounting to ceiling joists are a space-efficient choice. They keep your bows safely out of the way while maintaining accessibility.

Whiskey Stave Bow Hangers

For those who appreciate a unique and rustic touch, whiskey stave bow hangers repurpose old whiskey barrel staves to create a stylish and functional bow storage solution. They add a touch of character to your archery space.

Choose the one that matches your aesthetics, number of bows, or budget. I would simply use the bike hooks.

Can I Hang The Bow By Closet Hangers

Hanging your compound bow by closet hangers, like the ones used for clothing, is not recommended. Closet hangers are typically designed to support the weight of clothing, which is significantly lighter than a compound bow. Attempting to hang your bow on a regular closet hanger could work out but won’t be as secure as the hanger for the bow.

To properly store your compound bow, it’s advisable to use specialized bow hooks, wall mounts, or racks designed for archery equipment.

Best Hanging Places for Compound Bows

I use bow racks to hang my bows. It is just a personal preference. Let’s explore some popular hanging spots.

Wall Mounting

As discussed above, hanging the bow on the wall is a great quick, and inexpensive option. It is a space-efficient method also the bows are ready for quick access.

Bow Racks

Bow racks are like personal storage for your hobby of archery and bows. The collection looks beautiful in it. They can be placed on walls or freestanding in your archery room.

Cupboards and Cabinets

These options offer locks and are good for the safety of the bows. If you also like that no one touches your pretty compound bows, then it’s the way for you. Cabinets provide concealed storage but are costly and space-consuming.

Should I unstrung The Bow Before Hanging?

If it is a compound bow, then there is no need to unstring the bow because unstringing and restring it is a hectic and hard process. As for the recurves, the modern recurve wouldn’t need restringing as the limbs are strong enough.

If you think someone might mess with your recurve, then just unstring it to stay safe from the consequences but compounds are left strung all the time.

What Are The Alternatives to Hanging?

Here are the alternatives to hanging a compound bow:

Bow Cases: Bow cases provide excellent protection during transportation and storage. They come in hard-shell and soft-shell options and are particularly useful when you need to travel with your bow.

Soft Padded Bags: Soft padded bags are lightweight and offer a more compact storage solution compared to cases. They provide a cushioned environment for your bow, protecting it from scratches and minor impacts.

Bow Stands: Bow stands are designed to hold your compound bow in an upright position, making it easily accessible for practice and display. They are convenient for archers who want to keep their bows ready for action.

Learn more about storing a compound bow in a bow case


In conclusion, hanging your compound bow is not only an effective and secure method of storage but also a visually appealing way to showcase your archery passion. Whether you choose to hang it by the limbs, riser, or cams, the right hook and location make all the difference.

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