What is a whisker biscuit

What is a Whisker biscuit? Its Use and Working

The whisker biscuit, a crucial component in archery, plays a significant role in enhancing accuracy and performance for both hunters and target shooters. To fully grasp its benefits, it is essential to comprehend its function and usage in various scenarios. In this comprehensive guide, we will dive into the construction, working mechanism, installation, and maintenance of the whisker biscuit, while also exploring its relevance in the context of evolving arrow rest designs.

What is a Whisker Biscuit?

The whisker biscuit is a specialized type of arrow rest commonly used in archery. It has bristles on the side and a hole in the center to hold the arrow shaft securely. Its popularity stems from its ability to securely hold the arrow in place, ensuring consistent and accurate shots. The whisker biscuit has earned its reputation as a reliable arrow rest option.

Construction and Design

The whisker biscuit consists of a circular containment ring with bristles and a hole in the center. When an arrow is loaded, the bristles envelop the arrow shaft, providing optimal support and alignment. The design ensures that the arrow stays in position, preventing it from falling off or rattling during movement.

components of whisker biscuit labeled

Advantages and Disadvantages

Using a whisker biscuit comes with several advantages. The arrow’s stability is significantly improved due to the secure containment, resulting in enhanced accuracy. Additionally, the bristles dampen noise and vibration, making it an excellent choice for hunters aiming for a stealthy shot.

However, a potential drawback lies in fletching clearance. Some archers have reported fletching interference issues with the bristles, affecting arrow flight. This can be mitigated with proper arrow selection and tuning.

How Does a Whisker Biscuit Work?

The whisker biscuit’s main function is that it supports the arrow and gives it no chance of falling off like in other arrow rests. After the arrow is released, the biscuit holds the arrow until the fletchings cross the riser.

Arrow Support and Clearance

The bristles provide excellent support to the arrow shaft, cradling it in place while maintaining its alignment. When the arrow is released, the bristles or whiskers allow minimal contact, reducing drag and enhancing arrow flight.

Dampening Noise and Vibration

The whisker biscuit’s design effectively absorbs noise and vibration generated during the arrow release. This is particularly advantageous in hunting scenarios where a silent shot can make a significant difference.

What Type of Biscuit Do I Need for My Setup?

Determining the right whisker biscuit for your setup is essential for its proper working or else it might affect arrow speed, damage the arrow and even affect accuracy. The whisker biscuit’s size should match your specific arrow and bow requirements. A good practice is that the arrow shouldn’t be so tight into the hole, it should have a gap of about 0.03 inches. Here’s a short answer to guide you, along with the available sizes:

1. Small Biscuit:

  • Suitable for arrows with a diameter of 5/16 inch (7.94 mm) or smaller.
  • Recommended for youth bows and low-poundage setups.

2. Medium Biscuit:

  • Ideal for arrows with a diameter of 11/32 inch (8.73 mm) or smaller.
  • Commonly used with standard arrows and mid-range poundage bows.

3. Large Biscuit:

  • Designed for arrows with a diameter of 23/64 inch (9.13 mm) or smaller.
  • Best suited for larger-diameter arrows and higher-poundage bows.
whisker biscuit arrow size chart

Choosing the correct whisker biscuit size ensures a proper fit for your arrows, promoting better arrow support and alignment. It’s crucial to consult with a knowledgeable archery professional or refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines to determine the most appropriate size for your specific setup. By selecting the right whisker biscuit, you can maximize the benefits of this reliable arrow rest and enhance your overall archery experience.

How to Use a Whisker Biscuit

To use a whisker biscuit you must know how to install and adjust it, properly place the arrow in it and maintain it.

Installation and Adjustment

Installing a whisker biscuit on a compound bow is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

  1. Align the biscuit with the arrow shelf on the bow.
  2. Tighten the mounting screws securely.
  3. Adjust the biscuit to fit your arrow size by loosening the adjustment screws and moving the containment ring accordingly.

Check out our detailed guide on how to install and tune a whisker biscuit.

Proper Arrow Nocking

There are two methods for loading an arrow into the whisker biscuit:

1. Back Insertion Method:

To use the back insertion method, take an arrow and insert it from the back of the whisker biscuit. The nock of the arrow should fit securely onto the bowstring, and the arrow should slide into the containment ring formed by the whisker biscuit’s bristles. Ensure that the arrow is properly aligned and resting securely on the bristles.

2. Opening Insertion Method:

The whisker biscuit may have an opening built into its design. With this method, you can simply slide the arrow into the whisker biscuit through the provided opening. Like in the back insertion method, ensure that the arrow is aligned correctly with the bowstring and rests securely within the containment ring.

inserting the arrow into the hole from the opening in the whisker biscuit

The second method of using the opening for insertion is generally easier and quicker, allowing for a more seamless loading process. It is essential to pay attention to the orientation of the arrow’s fletching(wings). Make sure that one of the fletchings is pointing straight up and not bent in the opposite direction, as this can affect the arrow’s speed and flight performance.

The whisker biscuit is equipped with different types of bristles, some of which may be soft and others that are harder. When you load the arrow with one fletching pointing straight upward, it will pass through the softer bristles, allowing for smooth arrow travel. However, if the fletching is bent or not oriented properly, it may contact the harder bristles, leading to increased friction and potential speed reduction.

Maintenance and Care

To ensure the whisker biscuit’s optimal performance:

  1. Regularly inspect and clean the bristles to remove dirt.
  2. Check for any signs of wear or damage.
  3. Pay attention to the adjustment screws and ensure they remain tight during use.

Is the Whisker Biscuit Still Relevant?

Evolution of Arrow Rests

Despite advancements in archery technology and the emergence of various arrow rest designs, the whisker biscuit has retained its relevance and popularity. In 2003 the whisker biscuit was founded and was widely accepted in the world of bows shortly after.

The idea of holding the arrow was being loved by hunters. It helped reduce their frustration of arrow popping out of the bow at the essential moment. The whisker biscuit’s fundamental design has stood the test of time and continues to be favored by archers worldwide.

Pros and Cons

Like any archery equipment, the whisker biscuit comes with its share of advantages and disadvantages. Understanding these aspects helps archers make an informed decision on whether the whisker biscuit aligns with their shooting requirements.

Advantages of the Whisker Biscuit:

   1. Reliability: The whisker biscuit’s design has proven to be durable and dependable, providing consistent arrow support and alignment. It allows archers to not worry about dropping the arrow. Its useful in hunting situations

   2. Ease of Use: Loading an arrow onto the whisker biscuit is straightforward, making it suitable for archers of all skill levels.

   3. Reduced Noise: The bristles dampen noise and vibration during arrow release, making it an excellent choice for stealthy hunting scenarios.

   4. Minimal Maintenance: With a relatively simple design, the whisker biscuit requires less maintenance compared to some other arrow rest types.

Disadvantages of the Whisker Biscuit:

   1. Fletching Clearance Issues: Some archers have experienced fletching interference with the bristles, affecting arrow flight. However, proper arrow selection and tuning can mitigate this concern.

   2. Limited Adjustability: Unlike some other arrow rests with advanced micro-adjustments, the whisker biscuit may offer fewer customization options.

   3. Not Ideal for High-Speed Bows: For extremely high-speed compound bows, the whisker biscuit’s bristles may create excessive friction, potentially affecting arrow velocity.

   4. Damage to Arrows: After sometime of shooting through the whisker biscuit, it damages the arrow’s fletching when it passes through the whisker or bristles. So you might have to replace the arrows or fix them after sometime.

Affect Of Whisker Biscuit On Speed

The amount of speed lost when using a Whisker Biscuit can vary depending on factors such as the arrow’s weight, bow setup, and the specific design of the Whisker Biscuit itself. On average, using a Whisker Biscuit may result in a loss of approximately 5 to 10 feet per second (fps) of arrow speed compared to some other arrow rests that have less contact with the arrow shaft.


How long will a whisker biscuit last?

A Whisker Biscuit can last approximately 2 to 5 years with proper care and maintenance, depending on usage and environmental conditions.

Are whisker biscuits worth it?

Yes you should try it once, Whisker Biscuits are worth it for archers seeking improved arrow support, alignment, and accuracy, despite a minor reduction in arrow speed.

What happens when the whiskers get wet?

When the whiskers of a Whisker Biscuit get wet, they can become less effective at providing arrow support and alignment, potentially affecting accuracy.

Who made the whisker biscuit?

Two engineers Steve Graf and Ike Branthwaite invented whisker biscuit. They both loved bow hunting.

What is the point of whisker biscuit?

The primary purpose of a Whisker Biscuit is to hold the arrow safely and allow for the fletchings to pass through the whiskers guiding the arrow till the end.


The whisker biscuit serves as a dependable arrow rest, offering stability, accuracy, and reduced noise for archers across various disciplines. By understanding its construction, working mechanism, installation, and maintenance, archers can make an informed decision on whether the whisker biscuit aligns with their shooting needs. Embrace this archery essential and elevate your shooting experience with the whisker biscuit’s reliable performance and proven results.

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