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Drop Away vs Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest: Which Is Better

When it comes to archery, the choice of arrow rest plays a crucial role in determining accuracy and performance. Two popular options, the drop away rest and the whisker biscuit, have been at the center of an ongoing debate among archers. In this article, we aim to provide a comprehensive comparison between the drop away rest and the whisker biscuit, enabling archers to make an informed decision based on their individual needs and shooting styles.

What Is Drop Away Rest

The drop away rest is designed to hold the arrow securely during the draw, only dropping away at the moment of release. This design ensures minimal contact with the arrow, reducing friction and interference during the shot.

Working Mechanism of Drop Away Rest (Cable-Driven and Limb-Driven)

Drop-away rests come in two primary mechanisms: cable-driven and limb-driven.

In the cable-driven system, as the archer draws the bowstring, the cables attached to the rest pull it upward, securing the arrow in position. However, when the archer releases the string, the activation of a release aid triggers the cable to rapidly retract, causing the rest to drop away, allowing the arrow to proceed with unimpeded flight.

Arrow in a cable driven drop away arrow rest.

On the other hand, in a limb-driven system, the rest is attached to the bow’s limb, and upon releasing the string, the limb’s sudden movement causes the rest to drop away. Both mechanisms aim to minimize arrow contact, enhance accuracy, and optimize arrow speed for better archery performance.

Arrow in a limb driven drop away arrow rest.

Pros of Using a Drop Away Rest

  1. Enhanced Accuracy: The minimal arrow contact leads to improved arrow flight and better shot consistency.
  2. Increased Arrow Speed: The reduced friction results in higher arrow speeds, ideal for longer shots.
  3. Forgiving for Fletchings: Drop away rests do not interfere with the fletchings, allowing for broader fletching options.

Cons or Limitations of Drop Away Rest

  1. Complexity: Drop away rests can be more intricate to set up and tune compared to whisker biscuits.
  2. Maintenance: Some drop away rests may require regular adjustments to maintain consistent form.

Key Features to Consider When Choosing a Drop Away Rest

Material: Look for durable and lightweight materials like aluminum or carbon.

Adjustability: Opt for a rest with easy-to-use micro-adjustments for fine-tuning.

Launcher Type: Consider a drop away rest with a full-capture launcher for added arrow security.

What is A Whisker Biscuit

The whisker biscuit is a circular rest with bristles that encircle the arrow, providing full support during the draw and release. This design ensures the arrow remains in place even during angled shots.

Working of Whisker Biscuit

The whisker biscuit features a circular rest with flexible bristles that encircle the arrow shaft. When an archer loads the arrow onto the rest, the bristles create a snug and secure hold, preventing any accidental fall-offs. As the arrow is released, the bristles provide enough clearance for the vanes or feathers, guiding the arrow on a straight path. The simplicity of the design and the bristles’ ability to conform to various arrow diameters make the whisker biscuit a reliable and user-friendly arrow rest option.

Arrow secured in a whisker biscuit arrow rest

Advantages of Using a Whisker Biscuit

  1. Simplicity: Whisker biscuits are straightforward to set up and require minimal adjustments.
  2. Durability: The bristles provide durable and long-lasting arrow support.
  3. Versatility: Whisker biscuits work well with various arrow types, including those with unconventional nocks.

Disadvantages or Limitations of Whisker Biscuit

  1. Arrow Speed: Whisker biscuits may slightly reduce arrow speed due to increased contact.
  2. Fletching Interference: The bristles may affect fletching clearance, limiting fletching options.

Key Features to Consider When Choosing a Whisker Biscuit

Size: Ensure the biscuit fits the diameter of your arrows snugly.

Bristle Material: Look for biscuits with sturdy and flexible bristles for increased arrow support.

Noise Reduction: Consider models with noise-dampening features for quieter shots.

If you are interested, you should check out the complete guide about whisker biscuit.

Head-to-Head Comparison: Drop Away Rest vs Whisker Biscuit

When choosing an arrow rest for archery, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons of each option to make an informed decision. Here, we delve into a comprehensive head-to-head comparison between the drop away rest and the whisker biscuit, examining various aspects that can impact an archer’s shooting experience.

1. Accuracy Comparison

Accuracy is a critical factor in archery, and the arrow rest plays a significant role in achieving consistent shot placement.

Drop away rests, with their minimal arrow contact, offer distinct advantages in this area. The reduced interference during the release leads to a smoother, more consistent arrow flight, enhancing overall accuracy.

On the other hand, whisker biscuits, while providing reliable arrow support, have more contact with the arrow shaft. This added contact may slightly affect accuracy, particularly during longer shots or when using broadheads.

Winner: Drop away rest

2. Arrow Flight and Speed

Arrow flight and speed directly impact an archer’s ability to hit targets effectively.

Drop away rests excel in this category due to their design, which allows the arrow to launch unobstructed with minimal contact and reduced fletching interference, the arrow experiences a flatter trajectory, maintaining its momentum and speed over longer distances. As a result, drop away rests are often favored by archers seeking optimal arrow flight and increased shooting range.

On the contrary, whisker biscuits, while reliable, create more friction with the arrow, potentially affecting the arrow’s speed and causing a slightly curved trajectory. This can be a consideration for archers focusing on longer-distance shots or competitive target shooting.

Some tests showed that arrows fired from the whisker biscuit are 3 to 6 feet per second slower than those fired by drop away.

Winner: Drop away rest

3. Noise and Vibration

In the pursuit of a perfect shot, minimizing noise and vibration can make a substantial difference, especially in hunting scenarios.

Drop away rests, with their smooth drop motion and minimal contact, tend to produce less noise and vibration during the shot. The reduced disturbance can be beneficial for hunters aiming for stealth and precision.

On the other hand, whisker biscuits can generate slightly more noise and vibration due to their contact with the arrow shaft. While the noise level is generally manageable, archers looking for the quietest shooting experience may prefer drop away rests.

Winner: Drop away rest

4. Maintenance and Durability

Maintenance and durability are essential considerations for any archer investing in equipment.

Drop away rests, particularly those with cable-driven mechanisms, may require occasional adjustments to ensure proper timing and synchronization with the bow’s draw cycle. However, they are generally built to withstand wear and tear and offer excellent durability.

On the other hand, whisker biscuits are known for their simplicity and rugged construction, requiring minimal adjustments and offering reliable performance over extended periods. For archers seeking convenience and sturdiness, the whisker biscuit can be a dependable choice.

Winner: Drop away rest

Comparison Table

AspectDrop Away RestWhisker Biscuit
AccuracyMinimal arrow contact for improved consistency and accuracy.Reliable arrow support, but increased contact may slightly affect accuracy.
Arrow Flight and SpeedFlatter trajectory and higher arrow speeds due to reduced friction.Slightly curved trajectory and potentially lower arrow speeds due to increased contact.
Noise and VibrationProduces less noise and vibration due to minimal contact and smooth drop motion.May generate slightly more noise and vibration due to contact with the arrow shaft.
Maintenance and DurabilityRequires occasional adjustments for perfect timing but generally durable.Minimal maintenance requirements and known for rugged construction and long-lasting performance.
Fletching InterferenceMinimal to none, providing a broader range of fletching options.Some interference with fletchings may limit fletching choices.
Ease of SetupMay require more setup and tuning due to its intricate design.Straightforward setup with minimal adjustments needed.
VersatilityCompatible with a variety of arrow types and shooting styles.Suitable for various arrow diameters and works well in hunting scenarios.
PriceGenerally, slightly more expensive due to its advanced mechanism.Generally more affordable, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious archers.
Noise Reduction FeaturesMany models incorporate noise-dampening technologies.May not have built-in noise reduction features, but the noise level is generally manageable.
Shooting StyleIdeal for competitive shooting and accuracy-focused archers.Suitable for hunters seeking simplicity, durability, and reliability.

Which One is the Winner and Which One is for You?

The winner between the drop away rest and the whisker biscuit ultimately depends on your archery style, preferences, and shooting goals. Both rests offer distinct advantages and cater to different archery needs. Let’s explore which rest might be the winner for specific archery styles:

1. Target Archery and Precision Shooting

Winner: Drop Away Rest

If you are primarily engaged in target archery or precision shooting, where consistent accuracy and tight groupings are essential, the drop away rest is the recommended choice. Its minimal arrow contact, flatter trajectory, and higher arrow speeds make it ideal for optimizing shot consistency and achieving impressive target performance.

Recommended Drop Away Rest: Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Power Shot Arrow Rest – This drop away rest combines the benefits of the whisker biscuit with a drop away feature, offering exceptional accuracy and arrow support for target archery enthusiasts.

2. Hunting and Bowhunting

Winner: Whisker Biscuit

For hunting scenarios where quick and reliable arrow loading is crucial, the whisker biscuit is the go-to option. Its full arrow containment ensures your arrow stays in place during stealthy movements and angled shots, making it a reliable choice for hunting situations.

Recommended Whisker Biscuit: Trophy Ridge Original Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest – This classic whisker biscuit model provides secure arrow support and ease of use, perfect for hunters seeking a dependable and straightforward arrow rest.

3. 3D Archery and Field Archery

Winner: Drop Away Rest

3D archery and field archery often involve shooting at various distances and challenging angles. The drop away rest’s accuracy, minimized fletching interference, and higher arrow speeds make it suitable for these dynamic shooting scenarios.

Recommended Drop Away Rest: QAD Ultra Rest HDX – A popular choice among 3D and field archers, this drop away rest offers precise arrow support, micro-adjustments, and minimal noise, making it ideal for competitive shooting in diverse terrains.

4. Traditional Archery

Winner: Whisker Biscuit

Traditional archers, using traditional recurve or longbows, may find the whisker biscuit to be a fitting choice. Its simplicity, durability, and compatibility with various arrow diameters make it a practical option for those seeking a straightforward arrow rest.

Recommended Whisker Biscuit: Ripcord S.O.S. (Simplified Old Style) Arrow Rest – Designed with traditional archers in mind, this whisker biscuit variant offers a classic look and reliable arrow support, complementing traditional archery equipment.

What the Users Say: Drop Away Rest vs Whisker Biscuit

When it comes to the debate between drop away rests and whisker biscuits, archery experts and seasoned professionals have voiced their insights and experiences, shedding light on the strengths and weaknesses of each arrow rest option.

Analyzing User Reviews and Experiences with Drop Away Rest

User reviews of drop away rests consistently highlight the positive impact on accuracy and overall shooting performance. Archers who use drop away rests often report tighter groupings and improved consistency in their shots, attributing these results to the minimal arrow contact and smoother arrow release. Users also appreciate the drop away rest’s ability to accommodate various arrow types and fletching styles, making it a versatile choice for different shooting scenarios.

Analyzing User Reviews and Experiences with Whisker Biscuit

Users of whisker biscuits often praise the rest’s reliability and ease of use. Many hunters find the whisker biscuit to be an invaluable asset during hunting expeditions, as it holds the arrow securely, even in challenging angles and movements. Additionally, beginners and traditional archers often appreciate the simplicity of the whisker biscuit, as it eliminates the need for constant adjustments and tuning. Users note that while there may be some minimal fletching contact, it generally does not significantly impact shooting accuracy for most practical shooting distances.


In conclusion, the choice between a drop away rest and a whisker biscuit boils down to individual preferences and shooting priorities. Each rest offers unique benefits and limitations, and understanding these differences is crucial for making an informed decision. Remember, accuracy, arrow flight, noise, and maintenance are all essential factors to consider. Consult with experts, read user reviews, and ultimately, trust your instincts to find the arrow rest that suits your archery journey best.

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